We’re back!

The Rainmakers’ free outdoor gig at Johnson County Community College August 27 is still on. We too are concerned with the Covid outbreak raging across our state now, but on balance decided we should go ahead and play the gig. Here’s a statement on the subject from Bob Walkenhorst on Facebook:

“We are going ahead with plans for our Aug 27 concert at Johnson County Community College. There will be LOTS of space for social distancing. We will not be selling merch or coming out after the show. If you are NOT VACCINATED – PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND – WE DO NOT WANT YOU THERE. Call us names, boycott us, burn our records – we don’t care – we are sick of this. It’s your turn to stay home. For those of you who are vaccinated and have done all you can to bring this to an end – let’s do this!”

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