Hellooo 2013

Hello Friends,        2012 was a great year for the band, as our reunion tour has now just become the ongoing next chapter of the band’s existence. We did 2 tours of Norway in January and June, many gigs around the Midwest, and fun holiday shows at the Record Bar and Knuckleheads in KC.

So what’s next? We won’t return to Norway in 2013. But we will be working on a new album. All we have to do is write and record it. Simple. It’s my desire to approach this next album differently. 25 ON was great fun to make – fast and easy and comfortable. And the songwriting was a nice look backwards and forwards. But I want the next album to be a push in a forward direction, reflecting the new-found/re-found energy of our live shows. We’re going to try to co-write songs, and pool writing ideas at early stages of the game – instead of just letting the control-freak lead singer bring in all of his whiny tunes and expect everyone to learn them.

Right now, we have no gigs on the books  –  which is a weird feeling.  But I believe that we’re hearing the right beat of the universe, and the start of the next dance will be obvious to us.   You just have to be paying attention.

And –  start saving your money for the FRIENDS AND FANS AND FAMILY tour of Norway in Summer 2014.

Later,     Bob

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