Bob – House Concerts

Walkenhorst duden creditBook a solo acoustic house concert to occur between Jan 1 and March 30, within 1 hr of Kansas City, for $300 ($100 off the regular price.) If you would like Bob & Una together, the price is $400.

If you haven’t experienced a house concert, it is 2 hrs of music in your living room or backyard. Invite 20 or 30 of your music-loving friends and experience an evening of very intimate music, and time for artist and audience to get to know each other.

April 1- Dec 31.   Concerts in the Kansas City area, $400.  1-2 hr drive from Kansas City, $500. 2- 5 hour drive from KC, $700 for a Fri/Sat, $600 for Sun. Over 5 hrs from KC –  $800 for Fri/Sat, $600 for Sun. I am glad to travel anywhere for a 1-nighter, $800 plus plane ticket.  On all travel dates, I ask for overnight lodging, either in your house or a motel, and a meal when I arrive. Let’s do it!

In the KC area, for a special musical experience, I perform a selection of my songs with a cello player. It is quite beautiful, if I say so myself. $600 for a guitar/cello performance.

Write to for booking information.


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